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Call, Video-Link & Teleconference
Call, Video-Link & Teleconference

VoIP / PBX Selection & Design

We consult with SMEs to identify and select the most appropriate, affordable and efficient digital telephony system. PSTN  landlines and cellular phones are very costly to run than VoIP (Voice over IP systems).

All internal calls are free end to end and there’s no additional wiring needed as these systems utilize existing TCP/IP network infrastructure to work. A few things may be needed and these will vary depending on the client’s current network equipment, capacity and topology.

Communicate Clearly Like a Boss
Communicate Clearly Like a Boss

VoIP / PBX Server Implementation

There’s nothing better than a custom-made server which controls and runs your entire telephony and conferencing system accross branch offices, automatically and independantly with no need for constant monitoring or user interaction.

We design, install and configure complete failover clustered VoIP servers with switchboards, voicemail, automated answering, call diverts and all extensions configured and mapped exactly the way you choose.

VoIP System / PBX Configuration

  • General PBX Administration; e.g. add/remove extensions
  • Customize how each extension behaves or relays calls
  • Establish call queues to ensure your customers get through in case reception is busy on another call or unavailabe
  • Prioritize and load-balance network traffic between data/voice and video streams
  • Secure IP phones and switchboard with passcodes to avoid unauthorized use.
  • Block or unblock international calls for certain extensions.
  • Configure IM/Fax and Video Conferencing
  • Configure after hours messaging and music on hold
Keep Tabs on Call Costs
Keep Tabs on Call Costs

VoIP System / PBX Management

  • SLA or Request Based VoIP System Management (client option)
  • Track and report user activity (call logs, times and dates calls made, amount of time spent on the phone, etc.), record calls and call meta-data
  • Remote monitoring and management of your VoIP system (single-site and multi-site)
  • Service pack and system updates to keep system secure and efficient
  • Call-issues troubleshooting and solution patching and tweaking.
  • On-site visits if necessary to troubleshoot, fix or maintain the system.
Walk & Talk as You Work
Walk & Talk as You Work

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