Network Support & Maintenance

Networks are the digital backbone of all modern businesses and enterprises, big and small, every business is intertwined and interwoven into it’s computer network.

Network Support & Maintenance

Allow your business to reach up for the stars, there is much more beyond the sky. Let our professional Network Engineers consult you for an SLA (Service Level Agreement) based regular network monitoring and maintenance plan nomatter the size and technology used by your network.

If you don’t have a computer network or the fine grained expertise to setup, configure, streamline and maintain a robust and modern computer network, don’t worry, we are here for you.

We can design, build and implement a scalable, fast computer network that can facilitate a home-office, a small company branch, a standard business with several branches across the country or a large enterprise with thousands of branches accross the world using  any applicable technology from high-end network swithes, OTNs, routers, optical fiber, CAT 5e/6e, wireless and satelite links.

We’d make sure to keep your business available, online and working at peak low-latency, full speed network performance with affordable maintenance plans to keep it bustling at rocket speeds at all times.

Network Support & Maintenance SLA Based | Professional Rapid Response

  • We understand that downtime means that your business comes to a halt and productivity grinds to a stop, therefore our support team will get to your business premisses or workplace to assess and fix any network issues promptly within reasonable SLA response timelines.
  • We will only dispatch qualified and well experienced network technicians to handle any computer network issues your business may encounter.
  • If you’re registered as one of our clients and have opted for regular on-site maintenance or remote network monitoring then we’d rush to your aid should we detect any alarm or as per our expert’s discovery if there could be potential bottlenecks in your network that need urgent professional attention.
  • Our technicians can work with any type of computer network, be it wireless, fiber, broadband satelite or cable, accoss multiple network topologies and industry equipment such as Cisco/Netgear/D-Link and so on.
  • Get peace of mind and consult us to make sure your network equipment and links are well configured, constantly monitored and attended to and repaired/replaced in the event of catastrophic failure or as part of maintenance.
  • Keep your network secure and away from potential security threats that may compromise its operation or the data flowing through by consulting us so our technicians can safeguard and secure your network.

Network Support & Maintenace Tasks Overview

Network installation and maintenace tasks. This could be a once off or regular process depending on client’s needs and situation. In case of maintenance this could be done once every quater, after half a year or annualy as part of preventative maintenance.

In case of a new installation it could be done once and maintained in the case that the client subscribed to and SLA for monitoring and maintenance, as well as a once off technician call-out to assist if requested outside SLAs.

Network Assessment / Survey

  • Establishing the requirements for the network
  • Inspecting any current network and condition of equipment
  • Testing legacy equipment for full functionality / faults
  • Cable layout and quality inspection
  • Client engagement to establish core project goals and availing core budget and funds

Network Design

  • Network topology design | Network architecture
  • Protocols selection and addressing scheme design
  • Documentation of requested network (new network) / additions / alterations (if network already exists)
  • Costing and quoting on required equipment and labour
  • Project Plan production and discussions with client to establish working timelines and allocating human resources (to avoid downtime and to keep in line with deadlines)

Network Equipment Acquisition

  • Sourcing and purchasing required equipment and tools
  • Notifying client once all equipment has been acquired
  • Logistics (moving all network equipment from source to the project site)

Network Implementation

  • Core network installation to support servers and to service all working areas (office spaces | site to site { if many sites })
  • Switches, Routers, Wi-Fi Access Points, Satelite Uplinks, OTNs and any other nodes installation and configuration.
  • Cabling ( following Structured Cabling guidelines ) layout, connection and testing on all endpoints
  • Overall systems check (check and verify all routers, switches, OTNs, access points for correct configuration and operation)
  • WAN links installation, configuration and testing (working with third party telecoms provider’s IT staff | if applicable). If this already exists it will be linked, configured and tested by our own IT staff.
  • (working with company’s IT staff | if applicable) roll-out the new network, hand-over network documentation ‘copies’ to client. We file the original documentation.

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